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“Good journalists are born not made, and Robert Stark is a born journalist. Impartial, inquisitive, realistic and steadfast, the Edward Murrow of the Third Position.”

-Paul Bingham (Author of “Down Where the Devil Don’t Go”)



“Robert Stark’s cutting edge interview program features an amazing variety of interviews with unique guests. Robert asks provocative questions of figures who are at the forefront of political, economic, and cultural innovation or controversy. His program is a treasure trove of anti-system thought and activism.”

-Keith Preston (Activist: Attack The System)



“Well let’s put it this way, lately I have been listening to tons of ROBERT STARK, in a total Robert Stark phase. And though Robert often talks to White Nationalists, he often talks to Anarchists and Social Creditists and Third Way people and just general Truthseekers. But you’re never quite sure what Robert Stark Himself “IS” other than “A Journalist” who likes talking to real interesting people. And his skill is in getting the interesting people to say really interesting things.

Heh. I apologize to Robert, when I first started listening to him I thought he sounded “Spergy” and that his voice sounded funny and awkward and that he had no personality. Well I was dead wrong about that! Plus he has come a long way in sounding less awkward! But he makes people feel comfortable talking to him, and he’s real good at probing them. A lot of times he isn’t even asking direct questions, but he still gets the people to respond to him as if he was.

Plus he is obviously Sympathetic to a lot these people’s causes to actively seek them out and have huge interviews with them like this. But he is never obnoxious or arrogant or pushy towards them. I get the sense he is excited to have A Learning Experience by talking to them.

Bottom line, listen to Robert’s show, go back and listen to his old shows on Reason Radio, If you talk sh1t about Robert Stark you’re just an asshole and that’s that.”

– bkctmoapghow (blogger)